Santa Sofia

Aslı Özok heads towards structuring the building blocks of her art within this cultural memory. She looks at the depths of Istanbul’s cultural layers by passing through the social order of the first quarter of 21st century, social structure, political power, economical system and belief layers.

This view, more than being an imitation of memory layers defining different historical processes, examines the fact that the load of the analysis of power values of the economical and political power in 21st century İstanbul, targets the current and especially consumption. It sets aside culture, history and tries to bring in artistic intersection areas to aesthetic analyses that we pass every day and that we filter cultural intersections from cultural layers of especially continental Europe and America.

Within this critical structure, she collates, puts forward an opposite theory to and questions the layers of art that are the proofs of the evolution of human history with the figurative expressions of Hagia Sophia. The figurative compositions that create a cultural memory with their static standing and narrative expression, the icons that marks the boundaries of austerity and questioning with the constant values of iconography intersect with the icons of the world of consumption.